Coexistence of squamous cell carcinoma with dermoid cyst of ovary - 2008 - 81-82 - Vol 51 Issues 1 .

A 40-year-old female presented with pain and enlargement of abdomen since last 6 months. A mass was felt over right iliac fossa. Ultrasonography showed partly cystic and solid area in mass arising from ovary. A tooth-like structure was also seen. Dermoid cyst was the diagnosis offered. Laparotomy was performed. Ovarian mass with hair, a tooth and putty-like material was present. Solid white area with thickened wall was found. Histopathology confirmed the findings of dermoid cyst and the thickened area showed squamous cell carcinoma with areas showing keratinous material and giant cell reaction which was also seen at the periphery of tumor areas. Left ovary was normal and no deposits of tumor were seen. Postoperative period was uneventful.

dermoid cyst
Squamous cell carcinoma


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