Pandey A

Carboplatin hypersensitivity in relapsed ovarian carcinoma: a therapeutic challenge - 2014 - 17-20 - Vol 35 Issues 1 .

Carboplatin and paclitaxel as doublet are the standard therapeutic option for advanced stage ovarian carcinoma in the first line as well as relapse. Carboplatin with its better toxicity profile has replaced cisplatin as the first line drug. However, increase in incidence of carboplatin hypersensitivity is alarming. Severity of carboplatin hypersensitivity varies from a mild rash to life-threatening reactions. With an increase in the number of cycles the risk of hypersensitivity reactions increase, which jeopardizes the use of this highly effective drug in a significant proportion of patients. Prompt diagnosis and rapid therapeutic rescue are the key in severe life-threatening reactions. Managing patients with carboplatin hypersensitivity and planning subsequent therapy is thus a therapeutic challenge.

Carboplatin, Desensitization, Hypersensitivity,,


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