Comparison of single versus multiple fractions for palliative treatment of painful bone metastasis: first study from north west india - 2015 - 45-48 - Vol 21 Issues 1 .

Background: Bone metastasis is a usual cause of pain in advanced cancer. Conventional radiation schedules require larger hospital stay and thus are not suitable for patients with poor general condition. This prospective observational study aims to compare the pain‑relieving efficacy of different radiation fractionation schedules, i.e., 8 Gy administered in a single fraction versus 30 Gy administered in 10 fractions. Materials and Methods: Two hundred and fifty consecutive patients of bone metastasis were evaluated for the study, with 63 patients being excluded due to non‑fulfillment of the inclusion criteria. The response to radiotherapy leading to pain relief as per the Visual Analog Scale was recorded at the end of treatment, 8 days, 15 days and 1 month during the follow-up visits. Results: Sixty-two percent of the patients received a single fraction while the remaining received 10 fractions. In the 10‑fraction group, overall response was present in 60% of the patients. Stable pain was p

Bone metastasis, multiple fractions, north west India, palliative radiotherapy, single fraction,


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