Singh RK

IGF-1R inhibition potentiates cytotoxic effects of chemotherapeutic agents in early stages of chemoresistant ovarian cancer cells - 2014 -

The kinetics and effect of hyper activated IGF-1R signaling is not well investigated during acquirement of platinum and taxol resistance in ovarian cancer cells. Herein we reported an upregulated IGF-1R expression in early stages of Cisplatin, and cisplatin-taxol resistance. Picropodophyllin, an IGF-1R inhibitor, alone and in combination with Cisplatin, or both at lowest possible doses could reverse the resistance at early stages. Upregulated IGF-1R was also found in primary tumours of ovarian cancer patients after 3-4 cycles of platinum-taxol treatment. These findings indicate that a combination of cytotoxic agents and IGF-1R inhibitor is more effective at early stages of chemoresistant ovarian cancer.

IGF-1R signaling,
Ovarian cancer

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