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Toxicity and Tolerance of Concurrent Docetaxel with Radiotherapy in Cisplatin Ineligible Head and Neck Cancer Patients. - 2018 -

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Background: Docetaxel can be administered in several situations like low creatinine clearance or pre existing grade 3-4 ototoxicity, where cisplatin is contraindicated. In this analysis, we present our data on toxicity and tolerance to docetaxel based chemoradiation in cisplatin ineligible patients. Methods: Patients who underwent docetaxel based chemoradiation between January 2015 to April 2017 for locally advanced head and neck cancer, either in radical or adjuvant setting in the Department of Medical Oncology at Tata memorial Hospital were selected for this analysis. SPSS version 16 was used for analysis. They received Docetaxel 15mg/m2 intravenously in a weekly schedule. Descriptive statistics is used to present the data. Continuous variables were described in terms of median and interquartile range while categorical variables were described in terms of percentages with 95%CI Results: Nineteen patients were identified and the median age of the cohort was 58 years ( range 41-71 years). The most common site of primary was oral cavity (n = 9, 47.4%). Sixteen patients (84.2%) had stage IV disease and 3 patients (15.8%) had stage 3 disease. The intent of chemoradiation was radical in 12 (63.9%) patients and adjuvant in 7 (36.1%) patients. Any grade 3 or above adverse events were seen in 12 patients (63.2%). The most common grade 3 or above adverse events observed were mucositis and hyponatremia in 9 patients (47.4%) each. Compliance to radiation and docetaxel was observed 16 (84.2%) and 15 patients (78.9%) respectively. The median progression free survival was 10.3 months (95%CI 2.3-18.3 months) while the median overall survival was 25.3 months ( 95%CI 6.7-43.9 months). Conclusions: Docetaxel based chemoradiation is a feasible and well tolerated regimen in cisplatin ineligible patients and needs further testing in large randomized studies to prove its worth.


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