Gurram L

Adjuvant Therapy in Endometrial Cancer with Special Emphasis and Reference to Indian Setting - 2019 -

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The incidence of endometrial cancer (EC) is on the rise in India. The median age at presentation is lesser than the Western population. Majority of the patients present in early stages with excellent overall survival rates after surgery. Adjuvant therapy is essential in high-risk stages I–III for improving outcomes. The quality and extent of surgery, and complete histopathological information are important factors for outcome and tailoring adjuvant therapy. Depending on patients and histopathological factors, various risk groups have been defined for prognostication and defining adjuvant therapy. Adjuvant therapy including external radiation, vaginal brachytherapy, chemotherapy and combined chemoradiotherapy has been tried depending on various risk groups. The purpose of this article is to review and interpret and update the results of existing literature on adjuvant therapy in EC with a special focus on Indian reports and standards.

Endometrial cancer
Adjuvant therapy
Radiation therapy

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