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040 _aTata Memorial Hospital
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245 _aChallenges in the management of cancer pain in elderly population: a review
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_vVol 4 Issues 2
520 _aElderly people are more susceptible to the experience of pain than any other sector of the population. Neoplasia is an important cause of pain in the elderly population. The prevalence of persistent pain in older persons living in a care home setting is estimated at 45-80%, thus highlighting that persistent pain in older people is widespread and problematic in these settings. This article reviews the difficulties in the management of pain in the elderly population and the important differences from other population besides describing the various pain assessment tools, pharmacologic and nondrug management of pain.
650 _a pain assessment,
650 _a nondrug management
650 _a elderly
650 _aCancer pain
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700 _aKumar HS
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773 _aClinical Cancer Investigation Journal
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