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100 _aParthiban SK
_eCorresponding author
245 _a343 PQTWiST analysis to compare the benefit of metronomic chemotherapy versus intravenous cisplatin for patients with head and neck cancer
260 _c2017
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520 _aBackground: In an open label, Phase 2 randomised study, metronomic chemotherapy was found to be superior to intravenous cisplatin in terms of progression free survival in patients with Head and neck cancer. In this analysis we will assess the benefit of metronomic over intravenous cisplatin using quality adjusted time without symptom or toxicity analysis method. Methods: The overall survival in each arm will be partitioned into 3 health states. TOX state (Time spent in grade 3 or above toxicity after randomization and before progression), TWiST state (Time spent after randomization before progression without grade 3 or above toxicity) and REL state (Time spent after progression). The mean QTWiST was calculated for each arm using threshold utility analysis. The difference in QTWiST and the 95% CI of difference...
650 _aHead and neck cancer
650 _aChemotherapy
650 _aCisplatin
650 _aMetronomic
700 _aNoronha V
700 _aA Joshi
700 _aV Patil
700 _aS Dhumal
700 _aA Chandrashekar
700 _aN Pande
700 _aK Prabhash
773 _078025
_aAnnals of Oncology
_dLondon : Oxford University Press, 2017
_gVol. 28 no.(supp_10), p.
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