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100 _aMahajan A
_eCorresponding author
245 _aPotential role of whole-body diffusion magnetic resonance imaging in tumor staging for pregnant patients with cancer
260 _c2018
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500 _aAddress for correspondence: drabhishek.mahajan@yahoo.in
520 _aAbstract Malignancy during pregnancy poses a serious threat to the growing fetus. In this special situation, the diagnostic procedures and treatment to cancer will be more damaging to the developing fetus than the cancer itself. However, to safeguard the health of the mother from cancer, appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic tools are to be used that would minimize risk to fetal health. Diffusion-weighted whole-body imaging with background body signal suppression has the potential to answer most of these diagnostic dilemmas in the case of malignancy in pregnancy. This is one of the first such reports highlighting the role of a noninvasive, nonionizing whole-body imaging technique which does not require external contrast injection and can also be used for monitoring treatment response.
650 _aDiffusion-weighted imaging
650 _aDiffusion-weighted whole-body imaging with background body signal suppression
650 _aImaging
650 _aObstetrics
650 _aOncology
650 _aPregnancy
700 _aSanthosh Kumar GV
700 _aVaidya T
700 _aThakur M
700 _aDesai S
773 _078063
_aIndian Journal of Cancer.
_dMumbai : Medknow Publications, 2018
_gVol. 55, no. 4, p. 417-418.
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